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Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

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The Hot New Trend In Exterior Blinds Is Outdoor Bamboo Blinds

If you are like many individuals, you may get mixed up as to what a blind is, and what a shade is. What is the difference between window blinds and shades? The basic difference is that blinds typically have slats, also known as louvers. These slats rotate open and closed to control the amount of light allowed in, and to maintain privacy. A blind can be lowered completely, and still allow light through, where a shade is normally made of one continuous piece of material that is raised and lowered. Shades don’t have moveable slats. The material is made in such a way that it folds up like an accordion, and lowers the same way. Shades are probably considered to be the preferred means to insulate, or control the temperature, although blinds will accomplish the same thing. Window blinds, on the other hand, give a lot more flexibility in controlling the amount of light that is allowed in. One form of blind that has become fairly popular in recent years provides a “top down/bottom up” option. This allows maximum control over light, while maintaining complete privacy. Blinds aren’t only used on the inside of a home. There are a number of popular outdoor blinds as well. The Hot new trend in exterior blinds are the 2012 outdoor bamboo blinds.

The bamboo plant is steeped in mysticism in most Asian cultures. No wonder that this plant is so prevalent in most of the Asian countries. The outdoor bamboo shades and blinds have also turned into the hot new trend today in exterior blinds throughout other areas of the world. There are a number of reasons for this new phenomenon. Some of the reasons and features are listed below:

· Bamboo blinds are inexpensive

They control the temperature while providing privacy

Blends in with a natural look

They are made of an environmentally friendly material

Are durable and hold up well in all weather conditions

· Very quick and easy to install

These blinds add an exquisite charm. This is due to their unique natural look, and their smooth texture, which is accompanied by their earthy tones. The outdoor bamboo blinds are available in five separate colors. These colors range from a plane white to a dark cherry. You have the choice between one or two inch slats. These blinds are weather resistant, making them ideal for outdoor applications. They are highly durable, and are not damaged by bad weather. What is great is that these bamboo blinds don’t need any kind of weatherproofing treatment. This reduces the need of any annual maintenance.

When outdoor bamboo blinds are used as shade for the patio or porch area, they will blend in very well with the natural look and feel of any backyard. Many of these are outdoor bamboo roll up blinds. These blinds can take extreme temperatures without any deterioration. You won’t have to give your blinds any special attention during extreme heat or during stormy weather. Also, there is no need to spend extra time or effort applying weather resistance material to these blinds. Bamboo is a very resilient material.

But, to get the best life out of your bamboo blinds, you may want to rotate them from time to time. By doing this, the side exposed to the sun won’t always be the same one. This will also provide an even bleaching, or fading of the outdoor bamboo blinds.

Another reason so many people prefer these blinds is because of the ease in which they are installed. The whole installation process is very simple and easy. You don’t have to hire an expert to install these kinds of blinds. Complete installation instructions come with them, making it a cinch for anyone to do. All of the hardware is also included. The only thing you will need to supply in the setup procedure is your hands. In a very short time your blinds will be hung up, and you can start enjoying the outdoors, while being shaded from the hot summer sun.

There are two basic styles of outdoor bamboo blinds. The first is a roll up type, where the bamboo blinds are just rolled up to the top. These are then secured at the top with the aid of straps. The other type of bamboo blind is the Roman style blind. With this type, strings are used to pull the blinds upward.

People are using outdoor bamboo blinds as an alternative to the traditional window covering. Since these blinds are made from such lightweight material like woven woods, reed, and rattan, they give a unique look to the windows, which is pleasing, as well as soothing in appearance. Bamboo blinds are able to blend in well, regardless of your home decoration theme. In the event you want to give your house a countryside look, outdoor bamboo blinds are the perfect solution.